Aromatic 1001 “Couple”


A young couple rides takes a cramped and suffocating ride home in a public bus after a tiring work day. Out comes the girl’s Minyak Angin Aromatic 1001 roll-on and hey and presto! She is transported to an exotic sea beach where her loving boyfriend is giving her with a pampering and relaxing massage.

The boyfriend sees her lost in a reverie and borrows the roll-on for himself. Like her, he too is transported to fantasyland. Only his fantasy has no trace of the girlfriend. Instead he ends up on a canopied daybed surrounded by a bevy of gorgeous woman eager to pamper him.

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What does one seek after a hectic, tiring and sapping day at office and while being a part of the suffocating crowded daily commute?

Who wouldn’t want to be transported to fantasy land where relaxation, pampering, massage, exotic locales and whiffs of enticing fragrances, all await your pleasure!

Well, this is the precise idea that gave birth to this charming commercial. Here is how it evolved.

After the very successful first ad that showed people feeling good and jiving to the James Brown chartbuster ‘I feel good’ after using the product, the next brief from the client was to now take this product a notch higher and progress from conveying an abstract ‘feel good’ message to bringing the primary product benefit to the center stage.

Taking on the role of the creative team, Asrul Hanif, Director, and Joe Seow, Executive Producer, brainstormed to generate several options vis-à-vis ad approach and execution. The client finalized this particular idea as it delivered all the objectives – conveyance of benefit, a touch of humour, and last but not the least, excellent entertainment value.

The paradisiacal sunny seaside location shown in the ad is Anyer, two hours from Jakarta in Western Indonesia, where the ad was shot on location. As the time of the shoot fell during the rainy season, the director and the crew did face some worrying moments. After all, even the most pristine of beaches can look quite the reverse after a raging storm!

To minimize the chances of schedule disruption, Asrul, Ponco, Location Manager, and Steven Purba, First Assistant Director, spent a couple of days at Anyer prior to the actual shooting. They scoured the beach for the best locations and talked to the locals to discover the spots least likely to suffer damages if an overnight storm were to hit prior to the shoot day. Fortunately the shoot was accomplished with only a few minor hiccups caused by a passing rainy spell early in the morning. As a matter of fact, the entire shoot was made very enjoyable by the cooling sea breeze blowing in.

So far as the ad itself was concerned, the main focus was on communicating the brand message firmly from the fun zone without straying into provocative territory. After all, with so many girls ‘bringing stress relief’ to the male lead, there was a rather fine line to tread between entertainment and provocation.

Post-production work was entrusted to Blu Post Asia which helped with sky replacements and matching and enhancing scenes shot at different times of the day.

“After watching this ad, our existing and prospective consumers will definitely grasp the benefits of our products.” The client’s post-screening comment was a compliment indeed to our efforts.

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