Thank You Indonesia

The dedication and loyalty of Manchester United Football Club’s fans transcend across social strata. Ultimately, “the Theatre of Dreams beckons” so wrote Executive Creative Director, Mark Tan of Chuosenko Indonesia. For those who aren’t football fans, that Theatre is the the Old Trafford Stadium where MUFC breathes.  Continue reading

Love for Autos

When asked by Chai Indonesia if we can shoot a cost-effective made-for-internet only series of advertisements, Purbo Priyono’s reaction was: “Sure, we’ve been prepared for a while for the coming of the digital age, when clients have more than just the TV-option to reach consumers”.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 10.02.52 PM

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Indonesian TV Commercial productions: 7 discoveries (Part 1)

There’s often been cafe chatter about grievances and problems during production of Indonesian TV commercials, some made against crew, some against producers and others against the agencies or clients. So, we decided to conduct a poll of producers and directors who’ve worked in Indonesia and abroad to get their views on where Indonesian productions stand. The results weren’t surprising, but some hard truths were expressed which hopefully may lead to an improved environment for this industry to advance and compete regionally.

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