Featuring Leila Lopes for YouC1000 Vitamin Soda.

Anyone who has seen this richly colourful ad will agree that it is a striking statement of harmony in diversity. This ad’s multi-hued concept evolved from Indonesia’s own ethnic diversity and its pride in the fact that people of different skin colors live together united as a single nation.


Ad agency Chuosenko chose to draw an evocative analogy in batik, the traditional South East Asian textile art form in which myriad colours and patterns blend to create a harmonious whole.

In this ad, we created a perfect resonance between the You C1000 promise of ‘healthy inside, fresh outside’ and the themes of ethnic diversity, skin colours and batik. YOU C 1000 keeps its brand message centred around the healthy goodness of Vitamin C, the key nutrient in its products. The product slogan ‘Healthy Inside, Fresh Outside’ is very evocative of this brand promise. We took it a step further, tied up the message with ethnic diversity as represented by our talents and batik fabrics and successfully conveyed the message that whatever the skin color, if one is healthy inside, the skin outside will glow with radiance. An exotic touch came from Leila Lopes, the then newly crowned Miss Universe 2012 from Angola.


Taking inspiration from director Zhang Yimou’s play on fabrics in his movies,Director Francis Tan aka FT, planned to create a giant backdrop with rolls of colored batik cloth being sun-dried in the open. The location hunting was a challenge as we needed a vast open space big enough to hang numerous batik swathes. FT finally settled for a valley between tea plantations high up on the hills of Puncak, south of Jakarta.

The next challenge was choosing colours for the batik prints to be superimposed over the the green backdrop of tea plants. It took several days’ intense discussions among FT, Art Director Menfo, DOP Goh Meng Hing and Stylist Vik Lim before a consensus was reached. The end result was a stunning array of warm-coloured batik swathes in bewitching hues of reds, oranges and pinks, all laid out on 8-meter high bamboo frames over an area of about 1,600 square meters.



Shooting at a valley several hundred meters above sea level at the end of the year, typically the midst of the rainy season, meant coping with the double nuisance of winds and rains on a daily basis. On the very first day of the shoot, rain descended before the crew could even start shooting!

Before the crew arrived on set each day, the 2nd camera unit was positioned on another hilltop shooting time lapse of the sun rising over the film set. Talents’ performances were captured with two cameras. One of these was mounted on a 13-meter high Galaxy crane, working in tandem to deliver the shots envisioned by FT.

Vik had prepared batik dresses for talents in color hues complementing the giant curtains of batik. Leila loved her simply fabulous dress made from hand-printed batik, and the client graciously presented it to her as a post-shoot gift.

FT had envisioned the film along traditional cultural lines to enhance the visuals’s significance. Assisted by 1st AD, Steven Purba, they researched and listened to several traditional Indonesian folk songs and settled on the very melodious ’Rasa Sayang’ track. Boon of Bumble Bee Studios ably rearranged it into a more contemporary piece to go with the narrative.

Post production provided the final finishing touches and we had an ad to be proud of.

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