The all new Yamaha V-ixion for The Agency.


David Warrior, of The Agency, had a clear vision when he approached us to help realise his campaign for the latest model of Yamaha’s fierce V-Ixion motorcycle.

“The coolest bike has become even hotter now,” Warrior told the Square Box Cinetech team.

The previous model of the V-Ixion roared across television screens with an undeniably cool commercial featuring a sleek snow leopard. For this new model, David wanted to retain the leopard motif, but bring the bike to drier climates. If the last V-Ixion was cool, then this new model had to be hot. The commercial would feature a V-Ixion tearing through a desert landscape, the driver leaning low into the curves with footage of a growling African leopard lunging at the camera. The resulting television spot would perfectly capture the power and lean, muscular design of the V-Ixion motorcycle.


There was only one problem: Indonesia doesn’t have flat desert landscapes.

Director and DoP Damon Escott found the perfect location: an airstrip in Curug, Tangerang. It had a long, well-paved road that was ideal for the kind of high-speed manoeuvres we wanted to capture the V-Ixion performing. The team shipped in eight trucks heavy with red-tinted sand to dress the set as a desert in the American west. A large backdrop of rolling dunes completed the look.

The commercial opens with the motorcycle silhouetted against the rising sun, the V-Ixion logo burning at the bottom of the screen. As the sun rises, sheets of steaming ice fall off the motorcycle’s frame, exposing the V-Ixion logo.

“The melting ice scene was rehearsed and tested numerous times during prep to make sure the ice melted away just right,” Escott said.

The motorcycle’s headlight turns on with a loud click before the scene quick-cuts to a leopard growling at the camera. The V-Ixion tears across the desert landscape with the leopard giving chase. Our skilled driver put the bike through its paces to show off its powerful engine.

The commercial ends on a shot of the bike in profile as the leopard, far outmatched by the V-Ixion’s run, paces behind as a fitting symbol of the motorcycle’s trim yet powerful design.


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Post Production at The Cut Shop, Jakarta.

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