Featuring Robin van Persie. For YouC1000 Lemon & Orange Water and Chuosenko Indonesia.

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A star striker is under the spotlight as darkness and negativity surround him. He shines like an orange beacon deftly slipping past a critical media contingent, shouting fans and rival footballers doing all they can to block him. His piercing, surefire shots make rocks chip and crack.

He weaves and dodges, kicks and dribbles and hits the goal smack in the middle and then sips his bottle of isotonic drink like a rejuvenating nectar. Every move, every shot, every frame – everything states with confidence, ‘Nothing gets in the way of my passion’.

After the very successful ‘What drives me’ commercial in 2013 for the You C1000 isotonic vitamin drink, the ‘Nothing gets in the way of my passion’ is a worthy sequel with star footballer Robin Van Persie for the brand.  At the time of the first film, Robin had just moved to Manchester United after a record breaking 2012/13 Premier League season goal tally and his star was at its zenith. In contrast, 2013/14 had been less than stellar for this very talented golden footed (and red booted) Dutch striker who was plagued by niggling injuries.

Robin’s intermittent absences from the field, lackluster goal tally and the resulting negative media sentiments became the natural inspiration for Mark Tan, Executive Creative Director, Chosenko, to script ‘Nothing gets in the way of my passion’ for You C1000 isotonic vitamin drink, using Robin’s  inner voice to narrate and contrast his plight against his passion to fight even harder to sweep all aside and move forward to his goals like a man possessed.


Producer Joe Seow brought in Fatah Tahir and Director Ben Wee (a keen footballer himself was ecstatic about shooting with Robin Van Persie) for this year’s ad, teaming up with Simon Eakhurst of Cling Films, UK who had helped Joe the previous year. Ben was also happy to work with Luke Scott, DOP, who had shot the last campaign as well.

Though Robin had allotted us four hours during the two-day shooting schedule, just like the last year (he also had to shoot stills for the print campaign in the same timeframe), this year’s schedule was trickier.  The reason being that while last year’s ad had just a solo Robin training and kicking the ball on the field, this year’s commercial featured a support cast as well in action against him(remember how Robin sends the ball zooming from between a journalist’s trouser clad legs and leather shod feet!).

Naturally everything had to be fine tuned and precisely choreographed well in advance. Luckily for us, our action choreographer Ryan Lee from Sports on Screen is an ex-professional footballer who sent across details of a wide selection of football moves for Ben to choose from and discuss and finalize with the agency and the client via Skype well before the team left Jakarta for the shooting site in Manchester, UK. Once there, Ryan and Robin grasped each other perfectly and got the moves right instantly. All the other footballers were trained well in advance and executed their moves with precision.

The blazing action was covered with two Red Epic cameras mounted on the Jimmy Jib, ATV tracking vehicle or Steadicam, as required. Everything worked smoothly like a series of perfectly manoeuvred passes to finish in the net. We wrapped up the shoot on time, on schedule.

As all the scenes had been shot against chroma key green, Wendy Liow of Infinite Frameworks Singapore was engaged to supervise the VFX and CG. Blu Post Asia Jakarta helped with the initial cleaning up and rotoscoping.

The end result? A crackerjack and memorable ad film that makes proud everyone who worked on it .