For Pond’s and Ogilvy Indonesia

What tops every woman’s personal wish list?

A vacation in Paris, that’s so blasé. Flowers and chocolates, those are momentary delights. Diamonds, well, nice for a hint of shimmer but definitely not her best friend.

Move over vacations, gifts, diamonds, what she truly desires is flawless glowing skin. Yes, beautiful skin tops every woman’s wish list anywhere on this earth. That’s the clarion call that all women answer to with pleasure, with anticipation. This is exactly what Maudy Ayunda promises and women from across Indonesia follow in her wake.

Beautiful skin delivered by Pond’s White beauty, that’s one language every woman understands!


“Spotlessly radiant skin is a feminine desire regardless of culture, race, region and ethnicity” preluded our brief for this production. The concept of Pond’s One Language campaign for its White Beauty skincare brand in Indonesia too is born from this great unifying aspiration.

Tarie Hadikoesoemo, Creative Director of Ogilvy, set out to showcase Pond’s White Beauty as a product which transcends regional boundaries, benefiting Indonesian women across the islands and regions of the nation.

In this ad, women from all corners of Indonesia were seen banding and bonding together as committed users of Pond’s White beauty range. The persuader band leader’s role is essayed by Maudy Ayunda, Pond’s White Beauty brand ambassador.

To take this worthy idea to the next level, we first and foremost needed young talents with healthy skins that could best represent the island nation’s various ethnicities.


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Even before the director, Patrick Ong, flew in for the pre-production, he had already reviewed images of girls from the different regions and ethnicities, so he had a clear idea of what is expected of him. “Wherever they’re from, and whatever their skin tones, they must look pleasing on screen” were his words to his 1st AD, Steven Purba.

The fervent debates and deliberations during pre-prodution on the choice of talents were as we had expected. It wasn’t easy to settle on a selection which represented the ideal cross-section representative of this geographically expansive and diversified nation.

While final talent deliberations were ensuing, the Art and Location Departments were frantic about what to propose as the setting for the finale scene featuring all the girls. Locations which would have been aesthetically appealing and large enough were unfortunately unavailable on the same day that Maudy was. Hence the mammoth task of building a massive set in a studio landed on Production Designer Jo Tan and Art Director Patih Armada.

An all white, an eye catching set with curved walls, high ceilings and tall pillars was created which evoked a deceptively spacious environment in a not-so-large studio. What little room that was left for lighting was utilised to it’s max by DoP Goh Meng Hing. Lights were innovatively hidden between the pillars and in nooks and corners of the set to render flattering exposures on all the talents.

On the actual shoot itself, Steven executed a master juggling act with his shoot sequences to make the most of Maudy’s tight schedule and limited availability. The post production was done at The Post Bangkok and finished a few weeks later.

All in all, the end result was a graceful and memorable commercial that captivated viewers and delighted the client.




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