Coca Cola “Ramadhan 2013” for McCann Indonesia

McCann Indonesia created a charming television spot for Coca Cola’s Ramadhan campaign in Indonesia and Malaysia that encapsulated the feelings of celebration and togetherness associated with the Holy Month. 

Working with McCann Indonesia’s Executive Creative Director Gary Caulfield and Associate Executive Creative Director Manjt Norashikin, director Bona Palma finally settled for an idyllic village in Bogor, West Java as the location for the shoot.

The commercial begins with a beautiful establishing shot of a rural village in Indonesia. As the camera zooms in on a family preparing for Ramadhan celebrations, the entire community goes dark. But as the characters twist open bottles of Coca Cola with a tantalising “hiss” the electricity returns to wash the scene in warm light. The resulting television spot is a heartwarming tale of two families coming together to share bottles of Coca Cola during a brief blackout

The spot ends with families from both sides of the river meeting and sharing bottles of Coca Cola as we see power being restored. 

Art Director Patih Admada and his crew strung 400 meters of light bulbs across the village streets rendering the scene it’s festive mood. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t in the mood for festivities and it rained down on the location damaging cables and lights painstakingly installed. “We must have walked the the equivalent of six 18-hole rounds of golf replacing cables and bulbs”, said Patih of his team’s work over those 2 nights’ shoot. 

Coke_Ramadhan_1504 30_1

Meanwhile, Bona and 1st AD Steven Purba worked incessantly with the talents to keep them motivated and awake during those two nights. As dawn neared, the talents’ on-camera smiles were often bookended by exhausted yawns. 

Night shoots are always challenging for the DoP, especially one involving a set area slightly larger than a basketball court on a typically pitch-black night in rural Indonesia. Arief Pribadi decided to float a Helium balloon night about 10 metres from the ground to provide that canopy of warm light over the set. LED lights were then taped onto the back of all the Coke bottles hence retaining the appetite appeal of the dark cola shot against the night.    

Coke_Ramadhan_1504 30_3

Coke_Ramadhan_1504 30_4

“Thank you for all the hard work these last 2 nights” said dreary-eyed Executive Producer, Fatah Tahir, to the crew when the shoot wrapped just after sunrise.    

The resulting commercial was set to a soaring song performed by Nidji that underscored the spot’s themes of togetherness and celebration. 

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