When asked by Chai Indonesia if we can shoot a cost-effective made-for-internet only series of advertisements, Purbo Priyono’s reaction was: “Sure, we’ve been prepared for a while for the coming of the digital age, when clients have more than just the TV-option to reach consumers”.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 10.02.52 PM

In came 3 boards from a client of Chai’s with a brand which hasn’t used videos to advertise in the past. And the approach? Humour, naturally! Straight went those boards to our home-grown director, Steven Facius Winata.

Although the budget wasn’t the size we commonly see in TVCs, the client’s approval wasn’t a walk in the park either. Chai’s ECD, Rajesh Menon was very supportive; so were the others, Aris and Fitri, throughout the budget negotiations, production and post production.

“Steven is a technically informed, very adaptable young director hungry to do great work, which enabled us to shoot 3 spots in the 2 days allowed” said Joe Seow, Executive Producer.

Purbo assembled a small team so as to make this a lean and efficient producton. Naturally the production team selected comprised old-school TVC veterans as well as young, hot-blooded hungry filmmakers eager for the opportunity to make his or her own mark in the industry. From the usual crew sizes of 100-15o people on TVC shoots, Purbo had to motivate all key department heads to scale down and convince them that smaller teams can still do the job effectively with proper and thorough planning.

Instead of shooting with the regular DSLRs on projects like these, the 100 fps slow motion shots required at least a Red MX camera which are now heavily discounted by most rental facilities, so much for The Red Company’s initial motto of “say goodbye to  obsolescence”. “Weather conditions were unpredictable in the month of December, so shooting with the MX’s r3d RAW files enabled us to colour grade and match shots under different outdoor lighting conditions. AVCHD or other compressed video codecs using DSLRs will make that a lot more difficult ” said Steven.

These being internet-only films, duration weren’t the concern. Hence, the Socialite version was only finished with a 90 seconds duration while the rest were capped at 60 seconds.

This isn’t the first internet-only commercial Square Box or Steven made. But like regular TVCs, each new production presents the team with new challenges, and “that is what keeps us going from job to job” Purbo summarised.

Key crew involved were:

Director: Steven Facius Winata
Executive Producer: Joe Seow
Producer: Purbo Priyono
Line Producer: Ananda Prathama
DOP: Gandang Warah
Art Director: Idjul
Offline Editor: Aline
Online Finishing: Babar at Oriental Post Jakarta
Audio: Port Audio Post

Socialite 90 secs

Harley 60 secs

Desert 60 secs. A bit exaggerated but funny