What has a lady’s age to do with her grace and poise! Not much if she has Caltrate Plus by her side.



Lissom at lithe, she can move like a rhapsody dipped in melody and create a poem on the floor. Yes, she is strong, supple, agile and nimble. Whatever her age, grandmother or mother, she knows the secret to keep herself forever healthy, forever strong.

Caltrate Plus, a leading calcium, vitamin D and mineral supplement chose to focus on women consumers for the simple reason that women are more susceptible to weakening bones than men. The message of the ad was simple – start taking Caltrate Plus to ensure good health and strong bones lifelong.

To convey this message effectively, the ad was conceptualized as a secret to be passed from mother to daughter. The idea was given the setting of an informal ballet practice in an upmarket yet well lived in home.

We needed to find an older talent who could move like a ballerina and also bore some facial resemblance to pass off as the mother of the younger lady. We scouted several ballet schools around Jakarta and eventually found someone slightly younger. However ‘aging through good makeup’ was handled very ably by our make-up artist Noi.


Director Lukitasari wanted to capture warm, affectionate and one-to-one interactions between the middle aged mother and the grown up daughter, herself mother to a young girl. The brief for Art Director Lita was to design interiors with soothing and lived in ambience, rather than an impersonal, over-designer and movie set–like experience. Rising to the challenge, Lita created plush yet cozy interiors, spacious enough for the ballerinas yet propped up enough to appear happily inhabited. Going with the graceful flow of ballet movements, camera work by DOP Saipul too complemented with languid, unobtrusive observance of the choreographed ballet moves.

After the cast was finalized, the talents were put through practices and rehearsals under supervision of Rita, our choreographer. Although amateurs, both the talents were very enthusiastic and tried their very best to rehearse to perfection. However perfection was not our intent as it is the imperfect but natural moves of amateurs that create a credible story. As an added blessing for upping the credibility quotient, the talents who had been strangers till cast together, bonded well enough to pass for a mother and daughter duo by the time pre-production came to a close and actual shooting schedule arrived.

Our drive for authenticity did not end here. As Steven Facius, the 1st AD recounts,” We were not allowed by Luki to brief the talents about the storyline during pre production. That was Luki’s way of extracting the most natural and spontaneous of reactions from them during the shoot.”

Actually, going with the flow, the entire shoot was conducted in a peaceful, serene and relaxed atmosphere where nobody shouted or spoke louder than required. Even those on standby set duties had to do stay outside the apartment. In all, the shooting was a smooth affair with no major stumbles anywhere.

Later during post production, the imagery was further worked upon to project added gentleness. Composer Goh Boon Hoe of Bumble Bee Studios created an illustrative piece with relaxing feminine overtones.

The final result was a serene and graceful ad that clicked with all.

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