Featuring Farah Quinn, Olla Ramlan & Fahrani Empel for YouC Vitamin Water

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They are gorgeous enough to take your breath away at first sight. They are brilliant enough to leave you gasping in admiration. They are amazingly talented, utterly versatile and extremely successful in multiple domains.

They don many hats and each one fits to perfection. They are so much more than the sum total of the parts;
so very much more than pretty faces.
Just like Vitamin Water is so much more than, well, just water!


To bring out the message that Vitamin Water is more than just water, the client engaged three real-life celebrities who are multi-talented professionals striding many work domains with consummate ease to promote this year’s campaign for them.

Mark Tan, Executive Creative Director of Chuosenko, envisioned every chosen celebrity’s different talents making defining appearances through different outfits in a single signature colour, symbolizing the diverse professional careers they pursue simultaneously.


Director FT came up with a contemporary treatment evoking a feel of a catwalk on ramp, shooting a good part of the footage in slow motion to endow additional grace to their gait as the celebrities walked towards the camera.

There was just one glitch. The actual shooting time on hand was limited as all the three celebrities were available together only on one single date! “That’s not a problem,” quipped Joe Seow, Executive Producer, “let’s shoot each scene with 3 cameras running simultaneously”. That took some stress out our of FT, meant that DoP Goh Meng Hing will have to light the set such that the talents look their best no matter which angle captured them sashaying along.

Stylist Evelyn Fransisca had to conceptualize nine distinctly styled ensembles in three signature colors representing the flavours of the brand. But she soon realised that the designing stage was the easy part, as she next had to contend with getting all nine ensembles made and fitted to perfection in time for the shoot.


As each wardrobe change required changes to hair and makeup, 1st AD Steven Purba’s otherwise fail proof plan to alternate between celebrities during wardrobe change hit a roadblock when one of the celebrity’s hair style changes stretched unexpectedly long. The resulting pile-up of unshot scenes gave the crew some frantic moments.

In post production, the separate plates of the celebrities had to be painstakingly rotoscoped, keyed and re-composited together against a seamless background. Skin tones were also individually colour-corrected to match between the shots. Even though compositor Mervyn Lim and his support team worked non-stop over several days, FT, the perfectionists, insisted on some fine-tuning and tweaks after the client presentation

All the hard work was well worth it, as the end result was an eye catching spot which everyone loved.

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