For Gudang Garam International & Dentsu Strat.


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Our work with Dentsu Strat Indonesia to rebrand Gudang Garam’s premier Gudang Garam International brand continued with a second campaign focused on those pivotal moments in a young person’s life. Do we make a left or a right? Do we stay or do we go? Do we chart our own course or follow our family’s wishes? These are the moments when a person’s character truly shines.

Creative Director, Amet Mulyanegara, wanted to focus on these decisions, when a person charts an uncommon course, as a way to appeal to the non-conformist nature of a younger market. The brand has long been favored by mature smokers, but Gudang Garam was ready for a rebranding.

The first re-branding campaign had proven successful with a series of high-octane TV commercials. But this  second phase had to provide consumers with a more universal message. We can all remember those moments in time when we took a risk and rode with the consequences. Sometimes the decision turned out to be a poor one. Other times it produced unforgettable results. But regardless the outcome, choosing to make your own path is undeniably a characteristic of today’s younger generation, and one that Amet and the client thought would most appeal to the target audience.


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With such conviction from the agency and client, we were left to focus on the types of images, or visual mneumonics that best encapsulated this idea.

A close-up of a ticking clock, a hand hovering over a chess piece, a group of friends at a cross-roads in a foreign land with a voice asking: “Should I go right, or left?” How else can one show that life is a “never ending game” of choices?

DoP Goh Meng Hing worked with our Art Department to dress an old house in Jakarta for a number of our scenes. The home was converted into worn boot factory, while the outside was dressed to look like a new home for sale.

A restaurant nearby was redecorated as a karaoke bar while the building’s ground floor made for the perfect convenience store.

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Bangkok was the choice location for the scene of teenagers seeking adventure in a foreign land because it’s elevated rail network doesn’t exist in Indonesia. Thailand had always been a film-friendly country so all was smooth during pre-production and the shoot. Even the frequency of trains made the wait between takes bearable during peak hour on the shoot happened.

The first scene was wrapped by late morning and we had plenty of time for lunch as the crew moved to the next location for the end scene situated amidst high rise commercial buildings. As the scene showed a business executive walking down an early morning sidewalk crowded with rush hour human traffic, the DoP decided to wait out the sun till it was hitting the buildings at a lower angle. This was when the hot and humid Bangkok day hit everyone, especially after lunch break, though most of the Thai crew were accustomed and weathered it well.


Production servicing was done by Fast Time Productions, and post production at their sister company, The Post Bangkok.

The resulting campaign successfully appealed to Gudang Garam’s target market’s sense of independence and non-conformity while suggesting that their products were the right cigarettes to accompany you on the journey.

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