Talent’s not gifted, but have to be earned. But, REAL talent is never giving up…

Gudang Garam Surya Pro have been absent from TV advertising for several years. In this rebirth of a top selling brand, it’s only natural that the client and agency were both anxious and treaded with extra care and caution.

Director, Anton Josef, having been in these shoes before in the past, approached this job with emphatic patience, spurred by his enthusiasm of a script which challenged his visual storytelling proficiencies. “I will design simple, yet powerful visuals, making each shot’s intentions unequivocal”.

To help him with the crafting, Anton called upon Henry Sansom, a trusted DoP partner from his current hometown of Toronto, Canada. Anton’s preferences on the mood, tonality, colour palette and transitions were inspired by those slick, rich visuals seen in the HBO series “The Night Of’. Coupled with input from the agency, the foundations were soon laid and agreed up by the clients. In fact, it was the clients who kept pushing for a bolder, edgier look which we all were only too pleased to oblige.


Meticulous camera movements, lighting and visual effects on camera were prepped and tested. Art director, Patih Armada prepared various props of the brand name and signage for Anton to subtly frame them into some shots. The stage was set to only allow the main talent to deliver as many off and on takes performances for Anton to capture without losing a heartbeat so to speak. The shooting was done over two long, hard days.

But our talent, Raiden Soedjono deserves special mention for without his unwavering determination, superb fitness and proficiency at drums, getting all those shots in the 2 days wouldn’t have been possible. Raiden was Anton’s first option from day 1, and even after casting talents who were drummers from all major cities in Indonesia, Anton was steadfast about his preference which proved invaluable to this production.



Eric Chooi the offline editor, added visual layers to the non linear editing. And, successfully delivered six versions of varying duration to our happy clients. Colour grading with Adrian Ooi of The Cut Shop was purely enhancing the pre-approved overall RAW look of footage. Minor online embellishments were done in Roy Karya on Adobe After Effects at Oriental Post Jakarta. In fact the Roy’s time was mainly spent on designing and placing the branding into a composition which the client liked.

The challenge in music was to score a piece that remains underneath the many foley sound effects and a narrated announcer. Zane Adam of Bumble Bee used pronounced horns with a live Cellist to give the film the richness it truly deserves.



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