For Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) and Colman Handoko


This funny, peppy and quirky ad was actually created on the tightest of deadlines. Fatah Tahir, our Executive Producer, had just two weeks between the first preproduction meeting and the actual shoot. He did do a tightrope walk but the final ad came up smelling like roses.

Director Damon Escott had worked hard to sell this quirky approach created by Creative Director Simon Beaumont of Colman-Handoko to conservative government bankers. Once the idea was sold and the client convinced, we rushed to burn the midnight oil. There were seven different scenes to be shot at seven different locations over the two-day schedule. To minimize the commuting hours, Location Manager Sapto dug through his library of photos to identify suitable locations as close to each other as possible.


Making people laugh is no mean task. We found out this for sure when we had to make the untrained talents burst into spontaneous laughter once cameras started rolling. What was easy during rehearsals became a headache during the shoot, as our cast had to perform take after take with spontaneity losing it fizz with each passing take. 1st AD Steven Purba innovated, invented and improvised. He even gave long breaks between shots to let the talents loosen up and, in the end, had the talents do exactly what the Director and the client wanted them to.

The easiest scene to get right was that of football fans watching a game just as lightning struck the antenna causing the TV to explode. Art Director Patih rigged up real pyrotechnics to trigger an on-set explosion and had the talents jumping so very spontaneously.

Once the shoot was over, Offline Editor Erdi and Damon shuffled through the takes numerous times to choose the best in-out points to get the humour frame perfect. In the end, we had an ad that tickled the funny bone and brought smiles to all.

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