For Yamaha Mio Sporty and The Agency.

We in the film industry are known for bringing the non-existent into reality (to life) on screen, and this ad is just about that. Mio Sporty bikers suddenly decide to visit an outward bound camp and test their bikes on the obstacles built for human.


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David Warrior of The Agency created this fictional village called Desa Cibebek and numerous Yamaha commercials evolving from characters and events taking place at Cibebek.

This time around, Yamaha’s young ambassadors Rini Yulianti, Mario Irwinsyah and Putri Titian visited Cibebek Paintball Park for a session with their friends, while another group of Mio Sporty bikers were travelling to visit Cibebek Outbound Camp next door. The “villagers” of Cibebek played by Jeng Kelin and the late Ida Kusuma was wandering around the village but got caught in the cross fire of the paintball teams.



While on the way to the Outbound, the Mio Sporty bikers came across a broken bridge which did not deter them. Unfortunately two other groups of rafters were arriving at the broken bridge at the same time as the Mio Sporty bikers.

“Finding the right location to shoot all the scenes within the 3 consecutive days alloted was the biggest challenge”, said Erika Sutedjo, the Line Producer.

The Location Manager, Edi Sutedjo zeroed in on locations close to rafting facilities and finally Keir McFarlane, the director, settled on Pangalengan. Edi then found another patch of forest area which could be used to set up the outbound obstacles. The paintball location was found at Ciwidey, several kilometres away.

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What ensued was a frantic 2 or so weeks of preparations, including making several tiring 5-hour road trips to the locations from Jakarta.

The bikers jump across the broken, narrow wooden bridge was of immense safety concerns. Numerous discussions were held with the Popeye stunt group and the art department headed by art director, Sukri. Popeye also tested different settings for the Mio Sporty bikes to execute that jump, as well as negotiate other obstacles to be built at the outbound camp.


Shooting was during the month of August, but because the locations were on a mountain range, it rained every day of the shoot. We eventually had to call a weather day and extend our stay in Pangalengan for another day.

With the rain came slippery, muddy grounds in those rural locations where we were shooting. Especially dangerous was the bridge stunt as it rained most of that day and the planks on the bridge became soft and slippery.

The team’s stress was at a climax when shooting this scene. They had to work in the rain and tread muddy paths next to the hill; rafters did not have full control when the currents got faster toward the bridge; and bikers’ speeds and positions had to be in-sync so as to time the jump as rafters were passing beneath the bridge. For each reset, the rafters had to get off and walk upslope a hundred metres with their rafts to restart their downstream journey again.

The rafters were seasoned rafters casted for this job. They were excited and enthusiastic even after numerous trips down that same stream. Kipling Baker, the DoP mounted a Red MX camera onto one of the rafts like a machine-gun and got some exciting action shots.

The team thought that the hard ball was over after that scene. But another set of challenges were to face them next.

“We had to smoke up quite a large area for the paintball as well as bike riding scenes; and that was a nightmare when the infrequent breeze coming off the slopes took the smoke away from the set” said Steven Purba, the 1st AD.

It was an exciting shoot with plenty of curved balls and of course the rain. But everyone enjoyed this production.

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