For the first time since 1990 when Miss Russia won, we welcome a Miss Universe from Europe, Miss France Iris Mitterneare. She was gem to work with: friendly, co-operative and obliging throughout the prep and shoot.


Fittings after arrival in Jakarta. Iris fitting di Hotel Bandara kamar President Suite. Selama ini dia tidak punya baju kebaya. Dia suka sekali dengan baju kebayanya. Akhirnya klien kasih baju kebaya (wardrobe for shooting) sebagai “presents” ke Iris.



L-R 1st AD Sunu, Director Derek & drone pilot Lee. Super Close Up of Eye and zoom out. Sangat sulit untuk focus puller.
Art Director Patih designed and built this 20-metre long jetty at Tanjung Benoa. Lokasi di tepi pantai Taman Bhagawan (Tanjung Benoa). Kita build jetty harus accurate. High tide dan low tide cepat sekali disana. Jadi tinggi jetty harus sesuai.
Balinese children greeting Iris as she “arrives” on land.  Anak-anak Bali menyambut tamu yg turun dari kapal.
The 2nd unit shooting the Javanese wedding procession in Kukuh. Javanese wedding procession / Iring-iringan pengantin adat Jawa. Dari rumah pengantin menuju tempat resepsi pernikahan (wedding ceremony). Kukuh padi field salah satu padi field di Bali yg indah dilihat dari atas (drone).
2nd unit team with drone. 2nd unit Director, art, wardrobe, talent.
Exchanging rings ritual (adapted) at the Javanese wedding.  Javanese Wedding,Taman Bhagawan at Tj Benoa. Acara Tukar Cincin
Iris with the Javanese bride. Miss Universe berteman dengan Javanese Bride.
Iris amid a Balinese wedding procession in Pecatu, Uluwatu.  House at Pecatu, Uluwatu
The Balinese wedding procession and the arrival (Mesegehagung) ceremony. (top) Barang yg diatas kepala namanya Keben. Isinya barang-barang, pakaian, makanan, buah-buahan untuk seserahan. (bottom left) Pengantin Bali ditandu menuju ke tempat resepsi. (bottom right) Mesegehagung Ceremony – at groom’s home before entering the house.
Drone shot of the Balinese procession in the village. Balinese wedding procession. Shooting dengan drone. Melihat atap rumah traditional Bali di sebelah kiri dan kanan at Kukuh.
Iris with the bridesmaids.


Modern wedding set at Villa Khayangan Estate, Uluwatu. Di dekat Infinity Pool kita set up modern wedding ceremony. Lokasi fully out door. Waktu shooting panas terik, make up pengantin kepanasan.  Malam sehari sebelumnya hujan lebat. Tim art tidak bisa set up.
Semua talent supporting dan extra adalah casting dari Bali. Pengantinnya juga orang Bali.
Iris with bridesmaids and bestmen. Miss Universe berjalan bersama seluruh bestmen & bridesmaid.

YouC1000 Iris

For the first time since 1990 when Miss Russia won, we welcome a Miss Universe from Europe, Miss France Iris Mitterneare. She was gem to work with: friendly, co-operative and obliging throughout the prep and shoot.

This campaign features three different kinds of weddings: Javanese, Hindu and  Western. The research into the customs and practices had us discover many forgotten rituals as well as many which were altered or adapted to fit into the realities of the modern world. Not only were these discoveries enlightening for a foreigner like director Derek Chang, they also surprised many of the Indonesian crew members who had all along mistrued some of them.

Deciding between which rituals or customs best fitted the narrative was extremely difficult as all of them are deeply rooted in  Indonesian cultural. This led to each member of the team having different views as to of how each ritual or custom best exemplifies a Javanese or Balinese wedding.

Bali in its own right is a choice wedding location for Indonesians and visitors alike. Hence, finding the right locations to set up the three weddings wasn’t too difficult and we eventually settled with Taman Bhagawan in Benoa for the Javanese ceremony, a Balinese village in Kukuh for the Balinese wedding and Khayangan Estate, an oft used wedding location for the modern day reception. Other than the ceremonies, our 2nd drone unit led by Steven Purba (@stepu) was kept busy shooting wedding processions in the padi fields of Tabanan, and vistas in Central Bali and Bedugul.

The Art Director, Patih Armada (@patiharmada) had to split his teams in two with one team shooting and another dressing up the next location quite some distance away. We are thankful to an ex-Squareboxer, Diana Permatasari (@dianaps), for helping and advising on weddings garnered from her experience organising and photographing weddings in Bali (

Iris looked resplendent in traditional sarong kebaya and all the local talents had field days taking selfies and wefies on location with her. Iris was extremely grateful for the opportunity to immerse herself in the culture and heritage of Indonesia while on tour of duty as Miss Universe. Observing each custom and rituals re-enacted by the actors during the shoot, she wasn’t hesitant in probing further with question after question.

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